Improving the efficiency of construction projects

Consulting Engineers

With a team of experienced experts, designers and engineers, we will analyze your project down to the smallest detail and ensure that your implementation works not only on paper, but also in today's technically demanding world.
We are QPD, Quality Project & Design. We help to create buildings that keep the architect's original style and at the same time take into account the costs in the project and in the construction production.

We are looking for new colleagues

We are expanding our team! Are you an experienced designer or an enthusiastic graduate in construction? We offer you long-term and stable cooperation on meaningful projects.

We are helping projects grow


Designing buildings

We offer years of experience in designing a wide variety of building types, from single-family homes through residential buildings to large commercial buildings. We always strive to meet not only the aesthetic requirements and demands for high quality materials, functionality and safety, but also to minimize costs in the planning and implementation of the construction.


Technical Due Dilligence

We provide transparent and independent assessments of the condition of buildings. We provide clear conclusions on technical and construction risks, quantify the cost of repairs and maintenance of the property. We carry out this audit at any stage of a building project, working for both the buying and selling parties.


Cost Management

We help you plan and manage the costs of your projects, from initial design and planning to final implementation. We focus on minimizing costs, and in this context, we also keep an eye on schedule and capacity.


Development and innovation of structural components

We design structural elements to achieve the best possible functionality, reduce financial costs and minimise construction time. We use the latest technologies and materials to achieve not only innovative design, but also high durability and longevity of the elements used.


Consultation and supervision

We provide qualified consultation in all key areas from design services to the final implementation of the construction. As part of the supervision, we closely monitor the individual steps of the project to identify any risks early and propose effective solutions. This ensures that high standards of quality and safety are maintained throughout the preparation and implementation of your project.


Design for the energy industry

We provide design, planning and implementation of projects that will improve the energy efficiency of your buildings. We offer optimization of existing systems as well as development and construction of new facilities. The goal of our energy design services is to maximize performance, reduce environmental impacts, and minimize set-up and operational costs.

Projects we participate in

Pekárenský dvůr Residence

Several generations of Brno´s inhabitants have associated the area of the lower Cejl with the smell of fresh bread. After production ceased, we are writing a new history of the former site of Workers´ Bakeries, transforming it into a residence inspired by successful London projects and meeting the demanding environmental criteria for BREEAM certification.

Brixx Brno

In close proximity to the Masaryk University campus and the Brno University Hospital, we are building a new part of the city that will bring more than 400 new apartments, student housing, offices, cafés, restaurants and a number of other shops and services to Brno. The project also includes 11 co-working units and a private clinic for specialised medical fields.

Žižkova Residence

The project is designed to create a quality space to live in. The thoughtful composition creates a quiet community courtyard between the three houses, connected to the surroundings, yet with a very intimate atmosphere for relaxing undisturbed and spending time with friends.

Mountain aparthotel Lesní stráně

We are building Lesní stráně apartments on the site of the renowned former recreational facility SKI Hotel Ostružná. The uniqueness of the site, together with the strict regulation of further construction, makes this project an absolutely unique investment opportunity.

Na Mariánské cestě Residence

The residential complex on the outskirts of Brandýs nad Labem will provide housing with an emphasis not only on the quality of the architecture, but above all on the unique character of the public space. This will create a pleasant place to live inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle, with a water area in a park-like courtyard.

We are looking for passionate builders

TBE designer

We offer you the opportunity to work on large and unique projects that will have a major impact on the character of cities and public spaces. You will be given cutting-edge tools and can contribute to technological improvements and more efficient buildings.

Civil Engineering Designer

We offer you the opportunity to work on large and unique projects that will have a major impact on the character of cities and public spaces. You will be given cutting-edge tools and can contribute to technological improvements and more efficient buildings.
Pavel zobač

Who is behind QPD ?

Ing. Pavel ZobačCEO & PARTNER

Co-founder of the company and certified civil engineer with 20 years of experience in the construction industry. He is behind a number of large and successful projects, such as the Kopečná Residence, Filipovice Mountain Apartments, Kadetka Apartment House and many others. He has many years of experience in the complete coordination of construction works, control of specifications and budgets of buildings, designing, providing consultancy on suppliers and materials as well as expert advice on defects.